Helping a company to get new customers is a mix of psychology, quality and quantity. We have been providing this help for 21 years. There is a vast difference between solely booking meetings and actually ensuring that these meetings result in new customers. That is why we call ourselves “new business consultants”.

Working with you, the client, we draw up a plan of how many new customers you are to get with our assistance. We then jointly set about achieving this target. Potential new customers have to be genuinely interested in meeting you. From the very first contact, we start building trust for your company.

Unlike other companies that simply book meetings, we focus on you getting new customers and not just a lot of meetings. We know that the booking of meetings is an important step. However, we also feel that the follow-up work is at least as important. It is a vital element in securing business from the contacts that have been made. A part of our fee only becomes payable when, with our help, a customer comes on board. We really are that sure that our collaboration will bring you new customers!

Why does a company need meetings with potential new clients?

If you want to grow your business, you usually need to get new customers while keeping your existing customers. In order to get a new customer, most companies need to explain the benefit they provide to their customers. For this, you can use different channels, and booking meetings is a channel that we know really works. If the company offers more complex services or products, it is usually not enough to only rely upon for example Google advertising, but more is required. Should you or someone else at your company handle all the work required in a sales process yourself, it can be difficult to keep up. When you outsource the first part of the sales process (booking meetings), more time is created for you to focus instead on conducting meetings and closing deals. Together, we ensure that your company gets the number of new customers you desire and you can feel secure that we take care of your company’s brand in the best possible way.