Bookmaster started 21 years ago. This was when I noticed a need for a company to provide enterprises with a high quality service for booking meetings and approaching new customers. At that time, I had been in sales my entire professional life. In all the companies where I had worked, having enough customer meetings to meet the set sales targets had been a challenge.

As a sales manager, I wanted a business partner who would make the initial customer contact and book a meeting. Unfortunately, I found no one who did this in a satisfactory way. All the potential partners had a too high staff turnover and deficient quality. I felt they would do more harm than good for our brand.

As I knew other companies must have the same wants and experiences, I started Bookmaster. We used a unique methodology right from the start. In the 21 years we have been operating, we have also noticed that companies find it difficult to do all the work necessary to follow-up customer contacts. This is why we have developed a process in which, along with our clients, we ensure that we generate new customers and not simply lots of meetings.

After 21 years, I can still say that we are entirely unique as regards our methodology and the quality and the results we provide for our clients. There are companies that book meetings for their clients, but our clients get new customers!

Therése Hallberg, CEO and founder