Our focus is on you getting new customers, not on you going to lots of meetings. The booking of meetings is an important step in getting new customers. However, we provide help not just at the beginning, but throughout the sales process. Our unique process brings our clients new customers in the most cost-efficient way. Our average customer stays with us for 5.5 years, it is a clear proof that our customer gets what they want with our cooperation = new customers.


When we contact potential new customers, we take on the role of our client. To be able to do this, we have a knowledge of our client´s company and work extremely closely with the client. This ensures we are secure in our role and can communicate this security when we contact the prospect. We do not book a meeting to earn a commission. We book a meeting to gain a new customer for our client.

To constantly refine our collaborations and jointly ensure that potential customers move ever closer to becoming actual customers, we meet each of our clients every month. As a further element in optimising our collaborations, we are also always happy to sit in on meetings.


We are currently working with around 20 different enterprises. On average, we have collaborated with each of these for 5.5 years. Our clients are everything from one-man consultancies to stock exchange listed companies. Some of our clients have very long sales processes. Throughout these, we jointly ensure that each potential customer receives the appropriate attention.


We have a deep knowledge of each of our clients. This enables us to communicate professionalism and trustworthiness. At the same time, we are receptive and understand the great responsibility involved in representing our client’s enterprise and brand. The people we contact on our clients’ behalves go into meetings of their own free will. They have not been pestered.

We never take an initial “no” as conclusive. This is because, in today’s work climate, “no” is often the spontaneous reaction when somebody telephones to book a meeting. The meetings that our clients usually find most rewarding are those that have been booked after considerable effort has gone into presenting the advantages.