Who are we?

We at Bookmaster have extensive experience in customer contact and sales and love it when our customer tells us that they have got in a new customer as a result of the meetings we booked for them.

Our close relationship and contact with our customers makes us feel involved in our customer’s organization and creates a strong commitment to do our very best to create good bookings.

Our average age is around 50 and we have worked together for a long time at Bookmaster.

Our experience and expertise shines through on the phone and creates trust and interest in the person we talk to.

We always work in teams of three people, so you as a customer not only get one person who knows your business, but we are a team that makes sure you get the result you want.

Trygg Kundkontakt

Bookmaster is proud to hold the Trygg Kundkontakt certification, which is a quality award awarded annually by the industry organization Kontakta with the aim of guiding customers to companies that offer serious and ethical customer contacts via phone and digital contacts. Trygg Kundkontakt is awarded to the companies that live up to the high requirements that Kontakta prescribes.

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